zurück 4 Color Digital Print The four color digital printing method can be used for the reproduction of photo-realistic images, as well as for the production of very simple printings (e. g. emblems). The four ink colors are Cyan ©, Magenta (M), Yellow (Y) and Black or Key (K) - more commonly referred to as CMYK . Because the inks used are translucent, they can be overprinted and combined in a variety of different proportions to produce a wide range of colors. To achieve brilliant colors even on dark backgrounds, we mostly add a white underbase. We mainly use this printing method for logo printing, i.e. we add our customer's company logo to a huge variety of products our customer supplies us with e.g. bottle caps, different kinds of packaging and bottles, wooden boxes, and many others.

Medienfabrik Trebes

Inhaber: Dominik Trebes

Tiefenweg 13


D-96337 Ludwigsstadt

Tel.: +49 (0) 92 69 - 98 06 20